Aenea Compatibility

Caster can be used with Aenea, a client-server library for using voice macros from Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Dragonfly on remote/non-Windows hosts (Linux or MacOS).

Aenea-Caster compatibility includes:

  • Using Aenea's Key, Text and Mouse actions in place of Dragonfly's so that input occurs on the Aenea server instead.
  • Importing aenea.ProxyAppContext as Dragonfly's AppContext class so that some app grammars will use the server's context instead.
  • Supporting Caster's clipboard functionality, such as the "stoosh" and "spark" commands, by synchronising the Aenea server's clipboard with the client system's clipboard. This requires a server plugin.

To use Aenea-Caster compatibility, do the following:

  1. Make sure that Aenea is setup correctly with following the instructions.
  2. Copy aenea.json, which is usually created in C:\NatLink\NatLink\MacroSystem in the course of the Aenea install, to your NatLink User Directory. You can find this directory by running Configure NatLink by GUI and looking for the box titled UserDirectory. Often it is C:\Users\<YourUsername>\Documents\Caster.
  3. Change the use_aenea setting in your Caster settings.toml file to true. You may find settings.toml in C:\Users\<YourUsername>\AppData\Local\caster\settings.
  4. Copy the and copypaste.yapsy-plugin files from magneto-host/server/linux_x11/plugins into your server plugins directory (usually aenea/server/linux_x11/plugins or aenea/server/osx/plugins).
  5. Install dependencies for the copypaste plugin: python -m pip install yapsy subprocess32 pyperclip
  6. Start/restart Dragon and the Aenea server.

To use this functionality in your own grammar files, import Key, Text, Mouse, and/or Clipboard as below:

from castervoice.lib.actions import Key, Text, Mouse
from castervoice.lib.clipboard import Clipboard

If using ContextAction include the following import.

from castervoice.lib.context import AppContext

If the use_aenea setting is false, the above lines will just import Dragonfly's classes.

App grammars for Windows-only programs such as Dragon and cmd.exe still import from Dragonfly. If you have other grammars that should run actions on the client instead, just import the classes from dragonfly normally instead of from caster.lib.X.

Note: Caster's mouse grid features currently will not work through Aenea, although it is probably possible to make them work through an additional server plugin.