Companion Rules

‚Äč The companion_config.toml allows you to set multiple rules as companions. A child companion MappingRules grammar is linked to its parent MergeRules grammar Enabled/Disabled state. When the parent grammar state changes so does it's child companions.

  • Enabling a parent rule with a companion enables them both
  • Disabling the rule which enabled the companion disables the companion
  • Disabling the companion does NOT disable the parent rule

Consider the following example Python = ["PythonNon"]

Python is the parent rule and PythonNon is its child. If you say Enable Python then not only Python but also PythonNon rule would become enabled.

Guide to creating your own companions

  • The names are the exact class names of the rule.

  • The parent must be a MergeRules and the child MappingRules.

  • Caution it is possible to have a companion rule circle, which is to say, an infinite loop.

Default companions for Caster 1.x.x

EclipseCCR = ["EclipseRule"]
Java = ["JavaNon"]
Matlab = ["MatlabNon"]
Navigation = ["NavigationNon"]
Prolog = ["PrologNon"]
Python = ["PythonNon"]
Rust = ["RustNon"]
VHDL = ["VHDLnon"]
VSCodeCcrRule = ["VSCodeNonCcrRule"]