Bring Me

Bring me is a set of commands that allow the user to quickly invoke an item from a list of previously-saved items. Currently, these items are: programs, websites, folders, and files. The list of items is saved to the Caster user directory in the file settings/sm_bringme.toml. On first installation, if no list of items exists yet, a default list of commands is created with documentation websites, common computer folders, and Caster Settings files. Say "bring me caster bring me" to bring up the bringme.toml file.


  • Add current element: <target> to bring me as <key>
  • <target> may be website, program, folder, or file. key is the phrase you wish to use to invoke it later. You can usually omit <target> and it will be detected automatically based on the context. If in a browser, <target> defaults to website if omitted. If in File/Windows Explorer or a Save/Open dialog, <target> defaults to file or folder if omitted depending on which item is selected in the file list. Otherwise, <target> defaults to program if omitted.
  • Bring up the item: bring me <item>
  • For websites, this launches the default browser and opens the desired site.
    • This launches programs.
    • Folders are either opened or navigated to depending on the context. If in a terminal, File/Windows Explorer, or a Save/Open dialog the program will navigate to the folder.
    • Use bring me <item> in <terminal_explorer> to open in a new window. <terminal_explorer> can be terminal or explorer.
    • Files are opened using the system-default program for that file type.
  • Refresh bring me after editing bringme.toml directly: refresh bring me
  • Remove a key: remove <key> from bring me
  • Restore default keys: restore bring me defaults


  • to bring me as caster github
  • Automatically detected as a website if in the browser.
  • bring me caster github
  • Opens the caster GitHub web page in your default browser.
  • program to bring me as my favorite browser
  • If in Google Chrome, this saves Google Chrome as a program.
  • bring me my favorite browser
  • Opens Google Chrome (after the user runs the previous example).
  • bring me caster bring me
  • Opens bringme.toml in your system default .toml editor.
  • bring me my documents
  • If in a terminal, File/Windows Explorer, or a Save/Open dialog, this navigates to your Documents folder. If not, this opens a new Explorer window at that folder.
  • bring me caster user in terminal
  • Opens a new terminal at the user's .caster folder.