This allows you to turn off certain Caster features. Setting a hook to true or False in hooks.toml changes if the hook runs when Caster starts. Hooks can be temporarily Disabled and Enabled by voice while Caster is running which does not altar settings in hooks.toml. Toggling typically uses the hook name unless noted otherwise.

Say Enable <hook name> activate a hook.

Types of Hooks

  1. Formatting Hook

The Formatting Hook prints out to the status window when changes are made to Caster's formatting commands, such as the set format <Spacing> <Capitallization> bow command.

Example command

set format tie snake bow

Example Legend

  • snake - words_with_underscores
  • tie - TitleCase

  • Printer Hook (Enabled by Default)

The Formatting Hook prints out to the status window when rules are enabled or disabled. Enable <Rule name>

Command example

Say Enable Firefox

The rule FirefoxRule was set to active.

  1. Show Status Window On Error Hook

Say Enable show On Error Hook

When Caster encounters an error, the status window is brought to the forefront. This allows you to see the error message.

  • Currently this is only implemented when rules reload with an error.
# hooks.toml example file
FormattingHook = false
PrinterHook = true
ShowStatusWindowOnErrorHook = false

Learn more about creating your own hooks and events in the Customize Caster documentation.